Seminar Success! Exploring Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Structure

Seminar Success! Exploring Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Structure

We had a really interesting seminar in our brand new PMP Design Group office on April 30th. We talked a lot about something called the Hybrid Structure. The seminar primarily explored the architecture of Toronto, delving deep into both wood and steel structures.

There were 10 participants from different backgrounds at the meeting, and we talked for 2 hours straight. The seminar culminated in a spirited exchange of ideas, with participants highlighting practical strategies to leverage the strengths of the Hybrid Structure while mitigating its inherent risks.

Now that the meeting’s over, we carry forward a deeper understanding of organizational structures. We’re ready to tackle the challenges of the modern world with what we’ve learned.

Ever since PMP Design Group relocated to our new office in 2024, this marks our inaugural seminar focusing on architectural design. It signifies a fresh start, brimming with hope that our projects and, ultimately, our clients will reap the rewards of satisfying homes. Keep an eye out for more interesting talks at PMP Design Group!

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