Custom Build Homes in Toronto

Custom Build Homes in Toronto

Custom Build Homes in Toronto

In the heart of Toronto, where tradition meets diversity, our architecture firm is revolutionizing the landscape of custom build homes.

In Canada, the architecture used to be the same in every neighborhood. Nobody dared to change it because of business matters. Canada is conservative in many aspects and architecture is one of them. Looking at different cultures spreading all over Canada, it does not make sense to not have different taste amongst architecture. It was then studied thoroughly by young and immigrant architects. Then, the custom home build got started.


Custom Build Home


Multiculturality and the Urge for Custom Build Homes

The architects did not change the main concept, but points from Canadians, Italians, Chinese, and Iranians were taken to make the home designs as custom-built as possible. There were Chinese cultures dominated through Willowdale area, Jewish culture in Avenue Road area, Middle Eastern culture in Post Road area and so on. Having different cultures results in different lifestyles and therefore different tastes for custom build homes. The architects knew what to change and what to keep. There was no risk in making the homes custom built. The true art in doing custom build homes is to even change the design of the designer’s past year. The skill is to not charge the client for every single detailed revision if the project lasts more than a year before getting built. There are many obstacles to get to the building point and the architect should be willing to go through all.


The Do’s and Dont’s to know about a district to Custom Build a Home

The trickiest part in designing a custom build home is getting the permit for the build from the specific region in which the property is located. The architects who are labeled new to Canada, have dozens or more years of experience from their own home countries, so it gives a new perspective with fresh spirit to make stunning custom build homes.

There is also another point that concerns the clients that makes them avoid having a custom build home and that is the price. Not every client comes into an architect’s office with a flexible budget. The price range should be in a way that different clients can have the opportunity to get a custom build home design. An architect cannot work for money or their design engine shuts off. The architect who loves their job, puts as much as needed be it time or energy to make the custom build home as fantastic as possible. This takes a lot of consulting with the clients. Yes, time is money, so each project can have a standard price range so that in the middle of the way, there would not be any financial surprises from either side of the contract. In this process, there is a lot of back and forth until both sides are happy.


Custom Build Home


Codes of Ethics in Custom Build Homes

The other point is the ethics part. To have a custom build home, a lot of patience should be taken, because the architect has to make the client happy of course, but has to also keep this in mind that the client might have no clue about the building codes and bylaws.

To make the client happy, the architect should not avoid the bylaws and the codes. On the other hand, to make the client happy, a lot of patience should be taken for many revisions. The midpoint between the bylaws and building codes and client satisfaction is the key to an architect’s success. In Canada and generally in North America key factor to success is localizing the experience from back home. As said, “Global knowledge, local solution!”

The changes through making a custom build home are changing and revising with zero side effects to the client’s satisfaction and the architect’s codes of ethics.


Custom Build Homes with Interior Designer Visions

The other key to an architect’s success in making custom build home is having the interior designer’s vision. It makes it easier for the interior designer working with them to get their point. A lot of time is wasted through negotiations and meetings between the architect and the interior designer to explain their perspectives to each other, though, if the architects knows something about interior modeling, both sides’ lives would be much easier. As an interior designer, drawings should make sense and should fit into interior design codes easily or some more revisions should be made which in a lot of cases, meeting with clients should be made again and again.

The best way to know for sure which consulting company to go to for custom home builds, especially for a first timer, is to know if the person chosen is heard from the word of mouth or from their marketing skills. As much as it’s an extra double point for companies having excellent marketing skills, having the assurance that a person has done a lot of projects similar to what the client is looking for is more promising. It’s always suggested to go to the person from looking at their history to be sure they are indeed the right choice.

At our architecture firm in Toronto, we don’t just build homes – we create living works of art. So, whether you’re dreaming of a modern masterpiece or a cozy retreat, let us turn your vision into reality. Contact us today to begin your journey towards the home of your dreams.